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Nanjing Diding Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales in one of the CNC machinery. The company's main brand is "DINGLI", mainly specialized in production cnc production line, cnc woodworking center, cnc drilling center, cutting machine, cnc router and so on. our products widely used in Kitchen cabinets, wood doors, office furniture, cabinetry and many kinds of customized furniture's production. The company was established in 2001, after years of development, the company existing staff 200 people, have an independent production plant, and professional technical team and rich experience of management personnel. In recent years, the company is developing at an extraordinary speed, the current product sales throughout the country, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and other overseas markets.
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      • Name: The 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition
      • Time: June 23, 2022-June 25, 2022
      • No.: 7B15
      • Location: Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou
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      • Name: China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)
      • Time: July 8, 2021-July 11, 2021
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DEELEE CNC 121 cabinet nesting production line
May 07, 2024
DEELEE CNC 121 cabinet nesting production line
After five years of development, the DEELEE 121 cabinet nesting production line has emerged as the premier and most sought-after solution for labeling, nesting, and robot sorting. Its success stems not only from the reliability of its CNC machines but also from the proprietary software tailored specifically for robot palletizing. This innovation significantly reduces labor costs and boosts productivity. We aspire for this solution to extend its reach beyond China and become a boon for cabinet furniture manufacturers worldwide!
  • DEELEE CNC to Host Exclusive CNC machine show at its Production Base at Guangzhou During CIFF 2024
    DEELEE CNC has announced its plans to hold a highly anticipated exclusive machine exhibition at its production base in Guangzhou during the upcoming China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in 2024. The exhibition will showcase DEELEE CNC's latest technological achievements, including 121 cabinet nesting production line, full servo edge banding machine, edge banding machine tandem line, and more solutions for panel furniture production. Located near Guangzhou city, DEELEE CNC's production base is just an hour's drive from the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, offering convenient transportation for attendees. This exhibition will provide industry professionals with an excellent opportunity to learn about DEELEE CNC's newest solutions and technologies especially for panel furniture production. Additionally, attendees will have the chance to engage in in-depth discussions with company representatives to explore collaboration opportunities and industry trends. DEELEE CNC welcomes professionals from all sectors to visit and exchange ideas during the exhibition. The company will arrange for knowledgeable staff to provide product demonstrations and answer questions, ensuring that every visitor gains a comprehensive understanding of DEELEE CNC's product features and advantages.
    20 2024-Mar
  • Optimizing Efficiency in Woodworking: The Role of CNC Nesting Machines
    In the world of woodworking and cabinet manufacturing, precision, speed, and material optimization are paramount. As the industry evolves, technology plays an increasingly significant role in meeting the demands for high-quality products delivered in shorter time frames. Among the technological advancements revolutionizing this sector, CNC nesting machine and cabinet nesting production line stand out for their ability to maximize material utilization, minimize waste, and streamline the manufacturing process.   The Essence of CNC Nesting machine CNC nesting refers to the process of arranging patterns or parts to be cut out of a material in a manner that minimizes waste. This technique is particularly useful in industries where large sheets of material, such as wood, metal, or plastic, are a primary input. CNC nesting machine are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment that use advanced software to calculate the most efficient layout of shapes on a material sheet. By optimizing the placement of these shapes, manufacturers can significantly reduce waste, thereby saving on material costs and contributing to environmental sustainability.   The Power of CNC Nesting Machine in Cabinet Making In the realm of cabinet making, precision and efficiency are crucial. A CNC nesting machine transforms a sheet of material into various cabinet parts with remarkable accuracy and speed. These machines can handle a wide range of operations, including cutting, drilling, and routing, making them invaluable assets in any cabinet production line. With their ability to perform complex cuts and intricate detailing, CNC nesting machines enable manufacturers to produce components for custom and standard cabinets with unparalleled precision.
    15 2024-Mar
  • DEELEE CNC at Dubai International Wood & Woodworking Machinery Show(DWS) 2024
    DEELEE CNC is excited to announce its participation in the Dubai International Wood & Woodworking Machinery Show 2024. As a leading CNC machinery company, DEELEE CNC aims to showcase its latest innovations in woodworking technology at this prestigious event. We extend a warm invitation to potential distributors and partners from the Middle East countries, to explore collaboration opportunities with DEELEE CNC. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships that align with our commitment to excellence in the woodworking machinery and smart factory solution sector. DEELEE Booth No.: B-18E Date: 2024.3.5-2024.3.7 Address: Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) PO Box 9292, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Exhibition Website: www.dwtc.com
    28 2024-Feb
  • DEELEE CNC Vertical Storage for CNC nesting production line
    New designed vertical storage for our 121 cabinet nesting production line. Different color, material board can be picked up automatically by the RGV arm from the storage to the production line. Worker no need to load the boards very offten like before, meanwhile it will not effect line's normal production, which is improves the line's productivity furtherly.
    10 2023-Aug
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