Six Side Drilling Machine

Six Side Drilling Machine


  1. Six sides machining, slotting, milling are completed at one time. It is a easy operate, flexible, hands-free platform.
  2. Very compact dimensions.
  3. With feeding roller, the processing parts can put in and take out in front, also it can enter in front, goes out in back. The fully automatic docking intelligent connection can be upgraded in the future.
  4. High-efficiency, powerful ZTCAM6.0 software; IOT technology makes it possible to connect our six side drilling machine to other devices online, in order to attain digital production.
  5. The ultra-long X-axis track (4.2Om) can reduce the workpiece switching time when feeding. Improve processing efficiency.
  6. Advantages of the gripper: In order to reduce the number of gripping hand times and reduce the cumulative error of processing long workpieces, the ultra-long X-axis manipulator track can greatly improve the machining accuracy. Because no need to switch the gripper multiple times, so the machining efficiency can be greatly improved
  7. It is equipped with front, back, left and right horizontal hole machining auxiliary pressure rollers, and all-round auxiliary pressure processing can ensure the horizontal hole machining accuracy during workpiece machining.
  8. It is equipped with a vertical pressure roller to ensure the machining accuracy of the vertical hole and the groove.
  9. It has up and down two spindles,no need turn over the material while make double side groove.
  10. There is a full chassis vacuum cleaner device to reduce dust leakage.
  11. It has the function of remote fault diagnosis.
  12. CNC and motion control using bus control.
  13. Use an absolute encoder.
  14. Metered solid oil supply system.



Maximum sheet length 3050mm
Minimum sheet length 250mm(150-250mm According to the drilling positionand

processing method)

Maximum sheet width 1200mm
Minimum sheet width 30mm
Maximum sheet thickness 30mm
Minimum sheet thickness 10mm
X Axis speed ≤80m/min
U Axis speed ≤80m/min

Drill head combination:

Vertical drill shaft UP(10PIECES) DOWN(9PIECES) QTY
Horizontal drill shaft UP 4+4(X)&(Y) QTY
Drill shaft motor power 2.2×2Kw(Hp)
Spindle motor power 2.2×3 Kw(Hp)
Spindle speed 18000×3 rmp
Compressed air consumption 450NI/cycle
Dust removal air volume 1,900+550M3/h
Dust removal speed 30M/sec
Total motor power 12kw